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Welcome to The Coffee Shop

Us Vagabonds have been working meticulously to create some of the best coffee the island has every drunk. Each and every batch is cupped and tested to ensure that it meets our standards.

Working with Master Roasters with more than 40 years experience, we are sure you will love our coffee as much as we do.

Below you will find our current range of roasts. If you are unsure of anything then please get in touch via facebook or Instagram and our team will be happy to help you. We will also post any special roasts we have on there so be sure to check it out often. 

We are unable to take orders through our site at the moment so please drop us a message on facebook (there’s a link down at the bottom of the page).

All roasts can be delivered as whole beans, coarse or fine ground. Just let us know what you need in the messages.

Jump on our Signature Blend

Perfect for all coffee concoctions. This Robusta blend with knock your socks off (in a good way). A medium roast with hints of caramel and a slightly bitter taste. A true staple for any coffee lover. TheBandWagon will be travelling round with us once the truck is complete (take a look at the progress on the link above)

100g – €4.00
250g – €6..50

Strong, dark and lean

Our Roaring20’s dark roast will fill you with pride and help you keep up with your prey (or your work, whichever is required). This strong, french roast will put hairs on your chest. We recommend this roast for filter coffee or for those who like to feel that they need to roar in a morning as an espresso

100g – €5.00
250g – €8.00

This should stop it

Our very own organic Honduran coffee. For those that are looking for an everyday drinker. Something that you can make 8 cups of an drink them all yourself because this is sooo good. A medium to light roast, subtle nutty flavours and low acidity make this a good choice for filter or drip coffees

100g – €5.00
250g – €8.00

Crazy Lazy

Put your hand up if you relate, I know most us can. A great cup of mocka no matter how you feel but if you just want something to sip on, then you can’t go wrong here. A great bean makes a great coffee. This medium roast Brazilian Santos blend and subdued flavour profile which make it great for drinking in front of the tv with your feet up. Sweet notes mean this is perfect for drinking straight

100g – €4.00
250g – €6.50

We won’t keep you up

Our decaffeinated roast is perfect if you want one last cup of sweet, sweet java before you hit the hay. A perfect medium-dark roast, best drunk after dinner or in the morning, or in between if you prefer. All the taste of our love and passion without the jitters. Filter it, make an espresso or a doubleskinnyventisoylatte. Just don’t mix it up with the Roaring20’s blend, that won’t be blamed on us 😉

100g – €4.00
250g – €6.50

Help them out!

This single origin bean comes with a helping hand. A perfect medium-light roast, great for latte or iced coffees will also help others out.
50c from all purchases of this coffee will be used to buy the essentials that help our cat feeders keep doing what they are doing. We will publish how and when this is distributed on our Instagram and Facebook

100g – €4.50
250g – €7.00

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